Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I have started to think about the pressure that applys to girls, i am going to look at this through body issues and general reaction towards how you appear to others?

i want to ask a varied group of girls my age what they would change about themselves and why they feel they have to?

i have also found news articles about the "new" generation who are all ready obsessed with celebrity and "perfection" with the over whelming urge of many wanting plastic surgery?

when is enough?

i will post more about this once i have collated my information.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Something for use to ask yourself

What part of me conforms to society even if it's just a little piece?

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Monday, 10 May 2010

What i need to find out?

* Where does the pressure come from?

* Alternative girls compared to commercial girls?

* How society pressures you?

* What makes you an individual?

these are the more commercial style of girls today

megan fox and sex appeal?

megan fox before transformers and going to an event casual 2 of almost the only pictures not from the fhm spread

Megan Fox was named the sexiest women alive however is this what we have to compete with to be "sexy"

'But Where Am I?' - Alesha: Look But Don't Touch - BBC Three

this was a programme were alesha dixon researched the fasicination with air brushing in the tabloids, and to get the perfect image across.

Jodie Marsh, What's Not Fake? - Snog, Marry, Avoid? - BBC Three

Even celebrities are seen getting make-unders!

Costa del Fake - Snog, Marry, Avoid? - BBC Three

This shows how girls and boys feel the need to cover themselves in as much slap and as less clothes as possible to "fit in" and feel accepted.

snog marry avoid

one of the main contributors to this "cloning" that we need to all over dress.
The programme snog marry avoid trys to take the slap riden girls and boys and show them that beauty is natural though i dont completly agree wiith this it makes them look better than an army of make up loving clothes hating people.

research strategy

I will be loading up photographs of people who are conforming through style and taking a look at cloning stores such as topshop, miss selfridge, h&m then comparing them to alternative stores. Also looking at sizes of clothing in comparising to each store?
I will then put up a comparision of people taking a new unique way of styling themselves and coming away from the box!
I am also arranging a talk with students just going into their first year at high school. As these are the new generation, i want to see how they feel they have to be,act and talk.


So as i go into my final year at uni, and on to do my dissertation i have decided to use a blog to show the progress of this, it will show my sourcing, photographs, plans on how im going to research. I wanted to do a blog as then i can make it alot more aware to people how society is being made to conform and no one is being given thanks for their indiviuality.
So over the summertime i will be doing online surveys as i want to know how it makes each individual person feel? As we all have our insecurties, it will be totally anonymous so you can be as open as you would like to be?
I hope that people join in follow me and give as much info as they can when i start to post the surveys, as you will really be helping me and hopefully i will get my dissertation done with the sufficient info im looking for.
Danielle xo