Monday, 10 May 2010


So as i go into my final year at uni, and on to do my dissertation i have decided to use a blog to show the progress of this, it will show my sourcing, photographs, plans on how im going to research. I wanted to do a blog as then i can make it alot more aware to people how society is being made to conform and no one is being given thanks for their indiviuality.
So over the summertime i will be doing online surveys as i want to know how it makes each individual person feel? As we all have our insecurties, it will be totally anonymous so you can be as open as you would like to be?
I hope that people join in follow me and give as much info as they can when i start to post the surveys, as you will really be helping me and hopefully i will get my dissertation done with the sufficient info im looking for.
Danielle xo

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